Friday, 30 September 2011

sunny rare friday

a lovely rare friday in manchester, first of all because the sun was shining and my freckles came out, second of all because i had the day off (woah shockkkk)

today was also payday, the best day of every month. me and my mum went in to manchester and got some lunch and had a little potter about, i got some lovely vintage bits from cow vintage. however my search for the perfect black shorts continues.

for those who have never been shopping in manchester, it's such a great mix of everything. you've got your high street flagship stores mainly in the arndale shopping centre and on market street, then we have the most amazing vintage shopping, cool coffee shops and amazing bars in an area called the northern quarter. to the untrained eye it looks very shabby but scratch the surface and you get some vintage gems here. i almost bought a rupert the bear handknitted jumper from oxfam originals, kinda kicking myself i didn't get it now (!).

i did however buy 3 things from cow. a crochet green knitted cradigan (sounds disgusting but very louise gray), a crochet blue tank (see a theme here?) and a silk grandad shirt. check out my pictures below, and i will post some outfit pics tomorrow.


the £5 and under vintage shop in the northern quarter

shabby chic manchester

the inside of pop boutique- wish this was my house interior

stairwell at afflecks palace- another manc institution

my purchases

Thursday, 29 September 2011

new and improved(?)

hi all

first ever post. after around 453745736 started and first-posted blogs I wholly commit. glad to get that off
my chest.

enjoying some top notch lipton fruit tea, watching an itv documentary with mary portas. love her so much.