Saturday, 31 December 2011

major blog neglect, here's to 2012

so, as I write (type) this I am in bed with the flu watching the fireworks through my window. not quite the crazy new year's I had in mind...but hey! it's been a crazy long time since I last blogged and so much has happened. I have a new job I start in the new year and I couldn't be more excited. I've been spending a lot of time with friends and family over Christmas and it's been really good.

I guess one of my resolutions is actually to commit to this blog more! in general 2011 was a bit hit and miss, things in my personal life could have been much better and I learnt a lot of tough lessons. but truly everything happens for a reason, and we all make decisions based on fate. if we don't believe that then there truly isn't much point in anything.

don't you just love that January 1st each year brings about a whole new life agenda and a fresh start? I just know 2012 has got some great things on the cards. mainly for me I am going to be an auntie in July! the baby is due on my birthday too, how cool?!

so, here's raising a (virtual) glass to learning from heartbreaks and mistakes in 2011 and pushing forward with everything that comes along in 2012


Sunday, 27 November 2011


oh my oh my

So I'm back from new York and it really was amazing. there really is nothing more liberating and exciting than making a plan to travel and sticking to it, going it alone too.

such an amazing place. made lots of nice purchases and took a lot of photos. will update tomorrow sometime.


Sunday, 6 November 2011

bye bye brunette

tomorrow i take the plunge, back to blonde. fanx for everything brunette- you've been serious and responsible but know it's time to go back to the WILDDD

here's to blonde fun, rest in peace brunette tresses



Friday, 4 November 2011


this is peaches, she's pretty fierce. she can even pull of the ginger moustache look.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

eye eye

got some photos developed today, you can't beat a good old boots' disposable

this photo seemed much funnier when i was drunk. eye ring, topshop.


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

tonight matthew, i'm going to be janet jackson...and luther vandross

the best things in life are free

weird mood today. too much time to ponder things. going to do a little trip tomorrow and take some snaps so stay tuned

beach vibezzz



when i'm down i listen to j-lo and remember being 11 years old and my biggest cares in life being whether i was going shopping at the weekend to tammy girl
j-lo ain't it funny


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

r.i.p film (for now)

with my upcoming vacation and the new blogging vein of my life i have had to re-think my photographic options. i am usually a die hard 35mm girl (either my trusty om-10 or trip- GO OLYMPUS) and i always sniffed at the idea of owning a dslr. well, my friends, the day has come. i give in to the modern world. if only film was a cheaper option and i had a dark room... i'm still gunna use my favourite film cameras for leisure though, don't you worry. here's a selection of my favourite shots from my olympus film cameras


new york wishlist

20 days and counting. i won a competition on the radio last week (i never win anything) and it was a large cash amount (well, for me anyhow) so i'm kinda in a good place for my new york trip. i've started to pull together a little wishlist of things to buy when i'm stateside...

printed tees and some winter accessories from APC, way cheaper in the US and excited to visit their retail store as I usually buy online or via Urban Outfitters

some goodies from Sandro, also way cheaper in the US and i'll be excited to see their new concession. particularly lusting after 'the mods' t-shirt or sweater, and maybe a nice pair of trousers

some absolutely amazing 90's style clueless style Alexander Wang 'Ismini' boots. it's not even a want, it's a need. and this heel is about as girly as my footwear choices will ever get.

awful website picture, hate the shoes, but these Acne jeans are just what i'm after. i'll be stocking up on some nice denim in NY.

oh and of course i'll be getting lots of this too...



Sunday, 23 October 2011

lazy blogger

okay, so i've been a little bit of a lame blogger as late, but i will make up for it. honest. so, i've been thinking the past week about signature style. i think it's only now in my early twenties i've began to feel comfortable in the fashion choices i make and that they are wholly mine, not because my friend buys something/it's 'in fashion'. and i love when i flick through blogs and find amazing girls who have their own style (girl crush). one of my favourites who i stumbled across is bertie brandes. she has that envious 'i just threw this on' and looks amazing thing going on. plus she shares my love of masculine footwear. if you haven't checked out her blog then i suggest you do, and it soon becomes a daily read:

here's a few of my favourite looks of hers:

another favourite read is taghrid. she has a signature style of vintage eclectic and she can pull off the most crazy of outfits. she's one of the creatives at american apparel but totally has her own style that is anything but hipster:

here's a few of my fave taghrid looks:

so basically i got to thinking that it's only when you're 100% confident in yourself that you can find that signature style and just kinda go with it. of course people are always going to follow trends and fashions even subconsciously, but for example i used to always wear floral dresses and fred perry. lame. but that wasn't me, it was just what i thought i should be dressing like. now i realise i am a bit of a tomboy, i like trousers and doc martens and shirts. either i've found my signature style or i am turning in to a man.


Tuesday, 11 October 2011


okay, so i'm off to NY in 5 and a half weeks. literally cannot wait, haven't even been on a plane in 5 years so going to be an experience to remember. whilst in the holiday mood i got to flicking through some of my old holiday snaps from Dorset last year, here's a few of my favourites. taken on my trusty olympus om-10 using kodachrome film (r.i.p)


MMMMM i feel sunny inside just looking at these photos, british summer is the best

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

versace for h&m

so, the images and the verdict is out for the new h&m collection with versace. are you digging it? i'm lusting after that palm tree print, but is it not an odd choice for an AW collection?

Sunday, 2 October 2011

the search is complete...

as if my magic...BAM. the perfect black shorts found me. whistles beautiful, buttery black leather shorts. now, leather shorts are a hard one to pull off. you can either end up looking like you're an extra in a wham video or you're a pole dancer at the weekend. but these shorts are perfect! just the right length, high waisted too and they will look even better when they've been worn in a little. yes, they may be pricey but they are my new wardrobe staple. i even ventured out in to my rainy back yard to take some snaps. ruby came too.

leather shorts, whistles
angora jumper, h&m
horse print shirt, vintage
creepers, underground

Friday, 30 September 2011

sunny rare friday

a lovely rare friday in manchester, first of all because the sun was shining and my freckles came out, second of all because i had the day off (woah shockkkk)

today was also payday, the best day of every month. me and my mum went in to manchester and got some lunch and had a little potter about, i got some lovely vintage bits from cow vintage. however my search for the perfect black shorts continues.

for those who have never been shopping in manchester, it's such a great mix of everything. you've got your high street flagship stores mainly in the arndale shopping centre and on market street, then we have the most amazing vintage shopping, cool coffee shops and amazing bars in an area called the northern quarter. to the untrained eye it looks very shabby but scratch the surface and you get some vintage gems here. i almost bought a rupert the bear handknitted jumper from oxfam originals, kinda kicking myself i didn't get it now (!).

i did however buy 3 things from cow. a crochet green knitted cradigan (sounds disgusting but very louise gray), a crochet blue tank (see a theme here?) and a silk grandad shirt. check out my pictures below, and i will post some outfit pics tomorrow.


the £5 and under vintage shop in the northern quarter

shabby chic manchester

the inside of pop boutique- wish this was my house interior

stairwell at afflecks palace- another manc institution

my purchases

Thursday, 29 September 2011

new and improved(?)

hi all

first ever post. after around 453745736 started and first-posted blogs I wholly commit. glad to get that off
my chest.

enjoying some top notch lipton fruit tea, watching an itv documentary with mary portas. love her so much.