Sunday, 23 October 2011

lazy blogger

okay, so i've been a little bit of a lame blogger as late, but i will make up for it. honest. so, i've been thinking the past week about signature style. i think it's only now in my early twenties i've began to feel comfortable in the fashion choices i make and that they are wholly mine, not because my friend buys something/it's 'in fashion'. and i love when i flick through blogs and find amazing girls who have their own style (girl crush). one of my favourites who i stumbled across is bertie brandes. she has that envious 'i just threw this on' and looks amazing thing going on. plus she shares my love of masculine footwear. if you haven't checked out her blog then i suggest you do, and it soon becomes a daily read:

here's a few of my favourite looks of hers:

another favourite read is taghrid. she has a signature style of vintage eclectic and she can pull off the most crazy of outfits. she's one of the creatives at american apparel but totally has her own style that is anything but hipster:

here's a few of my fave taghrid looks:

so basically i got to thinking that it's only when you're 100% confident in yourself that you can find that signature style and just kinda go with it. of course people are always going to follow trends and fashions even subconsciously, but for example i used to always wear floral dresses and fred perry. lame. but that wasn't me, it was just what i thought i should be dressing like. now i realise i am a bit of a tomboy, i like trousers and doc martens and shirts. either i've found my signature style or i am turning in to a man.



  1. beautiful pics!!!amazing blog!!i'm following you!! if you like mine, do the same!!!

  2. aw mega chuffed thanks! xxx <3