Tuesday, 1 November 2011

new york wishlist

20 days and counting. i won a competition on the radio last week (i never win anything) and it was a large cash amount (well, for me anyhow) so i'm kinda in a good place for my new york trip. i've started to pull together a little wishlist of things to buy when i'm stateside...

printed tees and some winter accessories from APC, way cheaper in the US and excited to visit their retail store as I usually buy online or via Urban Outfitters

some goodies from Sandro, also way cheaper in the US and i'll be excited to see their new concession. particularly lusting after 'the mods' t-shirt or sweater, and maybe a nice pair of trousers

some absolutely amazing 90's style clueless style Alexander Wang 'Ismini' boots. it's not even a want, it's a need. and this heel is about as girly as my footwear choices will ever get.

awful website picture, hate the shoes, but these Acne jeans are just what i'm after. i'll be stocking up on some nice denim in NY.

oh and of course i'll be getting lots of this too...




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  2. So nice!
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  3. this cracked me up! especially the candy bit :') and those boots are hot!x