Tuesday, 1 November 2011

r.i.p film (for now)

with my upcoming vacation and the new blogging vein of my life i have had to re-think my photographic options. i am usually a die hard 35mm girl (either my trusty om-10 or trip- GO OLYMPUS) and i always sniffed at the idea of owning a dslr. well, my friends, the day has come. i give in to the modern world. if only film was a cheaper option and i had a dark room... i'm still gunna use my favourite film cameras for leisure though, don't you worry. here's a selection of my favourite shots from my olympus film cameras



  1. doll thank you soo much for following and goshhh i love the shots, is that you on the back of the carriage? lovelyy dear x

  2. That's okay your blog is lovely! Haha yes it is, it's an old Romany wagon we somehow acquired and it's in my back yard at home! X